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Welcome To Iconic Poker Supplies


How it Works
All you need to do is place the Iconic Poker Supplies banners and text links on your web site. And when a visitor clicks through and purchases items from our store, you will receive $$$. There’s nothing to it!
Account Management
You can view all your referrals and commissions earned simply by logging-in to the affiliate console and selecting the "Affiliate Programs > Reporting and Balance" tabs. This will show a breakdown on sales, clicks and commissions.
How much can I Earn
By becoming an Iconic Poker Supplies affiliate, we will pay you base commission rate of 5% on the total value of the goods purchased by a referred customer. Additionally, all affiliate are automatically placed on a performance based incentive plan, so as you reach sales targets throughout each calendar month your overall commission rate will rise as follows:
  • Sales Target $1000 - Commission Rate 6%
  • Sales Target $2000 - Commission Rate 7%
  • Sales Target $3000 - Commission Rate 8%
  • Sales Target $7000 - Commission Rate 10%
  • Periodically we will review your Affiliate account status, at which point we may be able to offer you an increased base commission rate, depending on the volume of customers referred.
    Does it Cost Anything to Become an Affiliate
    No, it is completely FREE to join our Affiliate program. Just send us clients and we will send you $$$
    How do I Join
    Sign up through our affiliate provider ClixGalore, via the following link www.clixgalore.com.au/PopupMerchantDetails.aspx?ID=11320