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Poker Chips

Our poker chips are available in a wide variety of designs and weights. Materials of the chips vary from clay composite poker chips, pure clay poker chips to ceramic poker chips and are available in single color, two color, and tri-color designs.


Check out our Clay Poker Chips for a large range from affordable composite chips to high end casino clay chips. These range in weight from 10g to 14g depending on material and design. Chips in our casino clay range such as The Milano which weigh 10g, uses clay materials to arrive at a compression molded chip that rivals any other casino chip. Clay has a distinctitve textured that can not be replicated. Our clay composites come close, but our casino clay is top of the line. Nothing quite sounds, plays, or feels like a clay poker chip.


Lots of casinos worldwide choose to use ceramic chips. Although quite different to a clay chip, they have a lot of appeal and many swear by them. Our Ceramic Poker Chips are made from a high density ceramic polymer material, with single composition and no metal insert to add weight . Weighing a perfect 10g, they have an authentic feel and sound of real casino chips. Ceramic poker chips have direct sublimination printing meaning there is no sticker or label, and the graphics cannot be removed.



At Iconic Poker Supplies we specialise in creating Custom Poker Chips. From custom ceramic chips, plaques and dealer buttons to custom clay composite chips to custom hot stamped chips. We make the process easy for the client with full design assistance included free, and our turnaround time for quality custom poker chips is very fast. You can either have one of our standard designs modified, or you can fully customise a chip from stratch. For those who are ready to incorporate true casino quality chips into your game, look no further.