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Poker Playing Cards

Want premium quality cards, then get some of these Triple Laminated, Regular Index or Jumbo Index, 100% Plastic poker playing cards that are made to the highest quality specifications. Durable for longevity, they will not rip or bend out of shape. Plus they are washable to maintain a crisp new look.

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When choosing a poker playing card to buy for your home tournament or poker league, some of the things to consider include bridge or poker size, regular or jumbo index, paper or plastic cards and the back designs. Iconic Poker Supplies currently stocks 2 different designs of 100% plastic playing cards in 3 different colour back designs.

Jumbo index with traditional blue back design

Jumbo index with traditional red back design

Jumbo index with black and green ace back design


Playing cards come in two sizes, the larger (2.50" x 3.5" or 63mm x 88mm) size cards, and the smaller size (2.25" x 3.5" or 56mm x 88mm). These are also known as narrow and wide cards. Also refered to as bridge size and poker size. The bridge size cards are a quarter inch narrower than the poker size playing cards. For poker games, most people purchase the poker size playing cards.


The index on a playing card is the writing in the corner that tells the poker player what the card is, rank and suit. For instance, there would be a 8♠ as the corner index if the card was the eight of spades. The index comes in two sizes, regular and jumbo. The jumbo index is not a good choice for games where the player holds a lot of cards in their hand, like rummy, but works well for games like Texas Hold'em as the poker player only has to have two cards in their hand. The larger, jumbo indexes are also better as board cards as they are more visible across the table.


While playing cards are made from different materials, for all practical purposes the only cards to consider buying for playing poker are 100% plastic playing cards. For playing poker, paper cards, and plastic coated paper playing cards are worthless.


Cut cards are also used by the dealer in a game of poker. The main purpose of using these is to place it on the bottom of the deck after shuffling to ensure that the bottom card is not exposed to any of the players so that it does not influence the way the hand is played.