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Poker Tables

Our poker shop has a nice selection of poker tables, from 52" round poker tables, 84" oval poker tables to larger casino poker tables. All our tables and supplies are designed with quality in mind.


Iconic Poker Supplies has an excellent range of Round Poker Tables, Oval Poker Tables and Casino Poker Tables


When buying a poker table, look beyond just the price. A poker table is a luxury item and thus a focal point and something you want to be proud to show off amongst your friends, so make sure you spend the time to research and ensure that the table you buy is up to stratch. So what make one poker table better than another, and what should you be on the lookout for?

Construction and the suppliers quality control should be at the top of your list. You want a poker table that will last and not something that is going to fall apart the first time you use it. So look at things like the leg system used, and if the table has any extra reinforcing aspects.

On the surface, the table may look ok from first glance, but ensure you look at bit closer and see if the supplier is using quality materials or if they are just taking the cheap road and trying to fool you.

Does the table have decent thickness armrest or are you basically resting straight onto the base?

Does the table have deep removable stainless steel cup holders, or are they just shallow plastic cup holders?

What kind of playing surface does the table have. Note: There are many different grades of felt and cloth out there so be aware that you are not getting a cheap felt that will ball up quickly.

Iconic Poker Supplies playing surfaces range from our regular nice felt, through to the premium suited speed cloth and suede cloth. Suited speed cloth is our suggestion because it is teflon coated and thus any liquid spilt onto the table will not soak through or stain, it will simply just bead up on top for easy clean up. It comes complete with a subtle heart, diamond, spade and club pattern for extra appeal, and given the cloth's material components and the fact that it is teflon coated means that it is a slick surface that the cards slide across very well, and hence the name "suited speed cloth".